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Clinically Approved by The Garrett Clinic, Harley Street London

The Star Tanning brand was created for one purpose; to give sunbed users a safer and healthier alternative to achieve a perfect tan. Our mission is to reduce skin cancer rates caused by sunbeds and solariums as this currently sits a frightening 85%.

The majority of sunbed users choose to use this method of tanning instead of using traditional fake tanning products for many reasons and it was our aim to eliminate all "pet hates" associated with fake tanning and to introduce a new, star quality, product range.

Lisa,  Founder of STAR Tanning

Lisa, Founder of STAR Tanning

"The awful smell"

Biscuits or curry are usually the scents associated with fake tan. We have scented our female range with watermelon oils and our male range has a scent identical to Bleu de Chanel aftershave, hugely popular with our female clients too!

"Fake tan is orange"

This happens when the product is saturated with harmful dyes and harsh chemicals, unlike Star products. All products developed by Star Tanning UK are made with natural ingredients and are chemical and alcohol free to protect and moisturise the skin. The unique melanin enhancing formula, exclusive to Star Tanning UK, works to penetrate the epidermis of the skin and encourage melanin in the same way UV and/or chemical tanning injections do but without the risks of chemical poisoning, skin cancer, aging skin, stomach problems, sunspots etc. This guarantees the most natural colour possible from a bottle.


"Fake tan is high maintenance"

Most fake tanning products begin to wear off after the 3rd or 4th day, leaving users with scaly skin, resembling a snake, covering their arms and legs and scrubbing their skin until it's red and sore. Star Tanning has a unique formula that guarantees a natural colour for up to NINE days, with no patching during the fading process and the final layer easily removed by light exfoliation prior to reapplying. No hassle and no fuss, just week by week perfect, safe tanning.

"Fake tan stains my clothing/bedding"

Due to the excessive dyes normally found in fake tanning products, it is almost impossible for users to wake up from their night's sleep to clean sheets and pyjamas. We have removed these dyes and to prevent transfer even further, we have developed a unique Colour Lock Moisturising Spray, exclusive to Star Tanning UK, which seals the colour into the body and forms a barrier to prevent transfer. Once the residue is washed off, there is no transfer at all in between applications.

"Fake tan sticks to my dry patches"

Star pH Neutralising Preparation Spray was developed to neutralise the skin's pH levels in order to help reduce redness and soothe dry areas. During product testing, the spray was so effective that, when used daily after showering, it completely cleared up various clients' lifelong psoriasis and eczema, leaving a perfect blank canvas to apply the tanning products to. This also massively boosted the confidence of these clients as they had hidden their skin away for years and now had clear skin they were confident to show off. The spray contains no tan and is suitable for use on babies and pregnant women too. Star Tanning UK is Vegan Friendly and supports PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies campaign.

We promise you'll be Starstruck!

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