Welcome to Star Tanning UK

Welcome to Star Tanning UK, the home of the newly launched, multiple award nominated tanning brand, specifically designed to reduce skin cancer rates by giving sunbed users and sun worshippers a safer, natural alternative.

Our motto, and the origin of our name is;

Safe Tanning Avoids Risks

We firmly believe in our mission to reduce the UK skin cancer rates from 85%, as it stands currently, by educating people about the risks of tanning and showing them there are other, safer ways to produce a beautiful, natural colour without risking your health.

Our signature scent is Juicy Watermelon for the ladies and we also have an exclusive men's range, Bleu Star, which has a scent identical to Bleu de Chanel aftershave, making the experience so much more masculine and eliminating the "biscuity" smell found with most other brands. The male scent is also very popular with our female clients who favour the fresh Bleu scent over the fruity one.

Included in our clinically approved product range, we have products available for Men, Women and Children of all ages as all of our products are 100% natural, they are safe to use on children, those with sensitive skin and pregnant women.  Our home-use products include our best-selling Melanin Enhancing Mousse, Melanin Enhancing Gradual Tanning Lotion, Tan Extending Glitter Gels and Party Mists and our exclusive pH Neutralising Preparation Spray and Colour Lock Moisturising Spray.  Professional Salon Solution and Disposables are also available for Fully Qualified Spray Tan Technicians to purchase.  Trade Discounts can be applied when Trade Accounts are opened on request.  Please email us at info@startanning.co.uk for further information on how to open a Trade Account.